New Feathered Friends

IMG_5260It’s springtime again, and for backyard chicken people that means it’s time to add to our flocks! We lost a few old girls over the last year and our group was looking small and sad.

We are lucky to live near a feed store that hosts a “chick day” after the first day of spring. We knew the littles would love it so we had to check it out yesterday. The kids had a blast. How can you not when there is a giant chicken walking around handing out candy! To make it even better they were giving out free slushies and hotdogs. Oh, and did I mention the petting zoo? You get the idea…kids were on cloud nine!

IMG_5271We like to avoid buying chicks that are straight run after the incident with Daisy the rooster a few years back. We let the boys each choose a chick. We ended up choosing two Ameraucanas, one Black sex link, and one Rhode Island Red.

We brought them home and set them up in their brooder. They slept, they ate, they drank, and they walked around. They were settling in nicely to their new home.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that one chick wasn’t hanging out with the rest of the girls, buIMG_5300t lying all on it’s own. I poked at it and it moved, and was breathing. I tried to get it to move around, but it wouldn’t get up. I knew then that it wasn’t going to make it. I picked it up. I tried to get it to drink some water and eat. Then about a minute later it died in my hands. I suppose that’s just part of having chicks, but in our years of chick raising, this was a first.

I called up the farm store and they told me to bring it back in and they’d replace it. So we did. And they went above and beyond. I was really surprised because it was just one chick. The sent us home with two. I’m hoping they all make it from here on out. We now have one Ameraucana, one Black sex link, one Rhode Island Red, one White Leg Horn, and one mystery bantee.

We are so happy to welcome the babies to our backyard flock! Look forward to updates on the girls, I can’t wait see them grow!

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