Tot School Tuesday: Muffin Tin Meals and Outdoor Art

 Today I decided to bust out the muffin tins and serve lunch in them. We used to do muffin tin lunches all the time, and we kind of fell out of that routine. It worked out well, because the novelty of something new was fun for the kids.

Today we had chunks of avocado, carrot sticks, cubes of mozzarella cheese, sliced strawberries, kitty cookies from Trader Joe’s, and a mini PB and banana sandwich.

It was a hit! B and A cleared their tins, and L ate most of his. The texture of the avocado seems to be a no-go for him, but he did attempt the carrots, which he normally has trouble with. He also insists on having his food separated, so that nothing touches, so this worked well for that too.

The weather is just so beautiful today, so B and I ventured outside for some playtime, while the twins napped. I’ve been eyeing something I saw on pinterest of a chalk board piece attached to a fence, for the wee ones. I don’t have the er…energy to actually tackle that project right now, so here is my redneck version. Oh yeah, that’s a cut up paper bag, crappily stuck to the fence with tape. He doesn’t care and had a great time drawing spring flowers.

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