I must be a bad parent

…because right now, the TV is babysitting my child. No, this is not a regular occurrence. The boys are sick. All three of them.

It’s not the snot and coughing that is wearing me down. It’s the fact that for the last 8 hours or so I have barely had a moment of not being touched. Crazy, right? I’m an AP mama that has had too much attachment today. (explanation for fuddy-duddy relatives that have no clue what I’m talking about: AP=attachment parenting) Is that even possible? Do I fail at AP because I. JUST. NEED. ONE. MINUTE. OF. NOT. BEING. TOUCHED? Eh, well think what you want. I’m cool with the situation.,but, then again, at this point my brain is only working by the wonders of coffee.

Dear person who sent me a thred-up box and threw in a Baby Einstein VHS as an extra, (that I thought I would never, ever use) I thank-you for ten minutes of cling-free time.

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