Fattycakes Pattern Review

I’m on a mini-mission to actually use every unused pattern that I own, this year. Way back when, before I started sewing and selling Very Baby diapers, I bought pretty much every diaper pattern under the sun. I’ve never really used them, so I thought it’s about time to put them all to use.

I looked through all of my patterns, trying to decide which to sew first. It was an easy decision to start with Fattycakes, because I’ve only ever heard it’s praises. So many diaper seamstresses love this pattern and many sew and sell from it. I was a little bit worried about the fit, because my boys are anything but fattycakes, more like skinnysticks.

Fattycakes is available as a PDF download from Inspired and is only $6. I consider that to be very affordable and it’s nice to not have to wait for the mail man to deliver it. The pattern pieces print out on 3 sheets of paper and are easy to cut and assemble.The pattern is really adaptable and can be sewn into a fitted, all in one, or a pocket diaper.

I chose to make a pocket diaper. Rather than pinning and cutting it out, I find it easier to trace the pattern with a fabric pen and simply cut along my markings. I used an inner layer of suede cloth and an outer layer of PUL. The instructions are straight forward and well written. It went together in a flash with no glitches. I top stitched around the entire thing, just for my own personal preference.

I really love how it turned out. The fit is actually really good for my skinny guys! The waist snaps make it so adjustable that it fits both my 27 lb babe and my 20 lb babe.

So, in short, it’s a great pattern and a fabulous way to spend $6. Licensing (to sell from the pattern) is also available only if you are an active member of Diaper Sewing Divas, and is on a case to case basis.

One thought on “Fattycakes Pattern Review

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