Local Spotlight: Middleton Six Sons Farms

I mentioned recently that we have been eating asparagus like crazy, taking full advantage of it while it is in season. So far we’ve gone through three 20lb boxes of it from Middleton Six Sons Farms, and I don’t plan to stop until it’s season is over. It’s become a part of our daily diet and I’m so going to miss it when it’s gone!

There is something charming about buying produce within eyesight of the source. Once every one to two weeks, I load the kids in the car and drive out to a little stand out in the country, about five minutes from our home, where the asparagus is picked daily and Laura, one of the owners is there to greet you with a smile. (Yes, she was posing for this photo, but she really is as kind as she looks.)

The cute, little, red, stand is set right on the edge of the field. You can take a 30 second walk over to the growing asparagus and show your children how and where it grows. I want my children to know where their meals come from, and this is a fabulous opportunity for me to demonstrate that.

The price and quality is fantastic. For only $25 you can purchase a 20 lb box. If stored properly, it lasts us about a week, and we do not let any go to waste. If 20lbs seems a little outrageous, they do offer 10lbs for $12.50, 5lbs for $6.25. Any quantity smaller than that is $2.00 a pound, still far better than grocery store prices.

Local folks, I suggest that you check them out. For all my non-local readers, research your local resources. I’ll bet that there are local farms near you that would love to sell you some spring produce. Get to know the growers, and the nice people who run the stands. I guarantee you that it will be worth your while.

I’m committed to supporting my local farmers by buying my produce locally, I hope that you are inspired to do the same. Visit farms, join a CSA, shop at farmers market,  or find some u-pick fields/orchards. Just don’t spend your summer in the super market. If you do, you’ll really be missing out.

For more information on Middleton Six Sons Farm, please visit their website: http://www.middletonsixsonsfarms.com/ or their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/middletonsixsonsfarms.  To Learn more about eating local (aka the locavore movement), visit Locavores.com.

One thought on “Local Spotlight: Middleton Six Sons Farms

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I'm the 3rd of the six sons and I'm at the produce stand every so often. We have the best asparagus in the world and it's nice to hear other people appreciating it!


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