Planting Starts

 B Bear and I took advantage of the twins’ long nap time today and planted our starts! (or at least the first set of them) He was fascinated by the pellets that expand when you add water, but not so much with the seed planting. He did help me sprinkle seeds in, quite a few more than necessary, but oh well. We planted two kinds of tomatoes (Black Krim, and Cherokee Purple), eggplant, jalapenos, sweet bell pepper mix, parsley, thyme, and basil. I have many more things to start and even more to plant directly in the soil.

There are so many things I’m looking forward to this growing season. I can’t wait to watch him learn about the plants as they sprout and grow, to get covered in dirt with him in the garden as we prep our soil, to teach him which plants are weeds and get pulled, and transferring the starts to the soil together and help them grow. Most of all I look forward to picking fresh produce from our back yard and teaching my son where good food comes from.

I made a promise to my sons over a year ago and I have not held to it as well as I intended to. I’ve been lazier (aka very busy with a million other things) than I should be. Their well being is the most important thing to me, and I am getting back on track with their nutrition and chemical exposure NOW, and our garden is a big part of that, and a big part of teaching my boys about nutrition.

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