April Sensory Tub

I’ve been slacking on the sensory tub for too long! When I put it together, I fully intended to change it up every month and keep it “new” and “fun”. L spent the day with his Grammie yesterday, so B, A, and I went to Hobby Lobby to restock our art supplies. I have to say, it is so much easier to shop with only two kids! I had no idea!

I browsed through the Easter basket section and ideas for a Easter Themed sensory tub kept coming to me. I bought a couple of little packets of confetti (bunny shaped and flower shaped), some little wooden flowers, small felt Easter eggs, small plastic eggs (hopefully to be replaced with felted wool eggs that I’m working on today), and B’s favorite: pom poms. This time I dyed the rice pink and green with Wilton Icing Colors, and baked it at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. I threw a little bright green Tupperware spoon in for him to scoop with.

The kid LOVES it. Next month my goal is to avoid the plastic items in it, and make it a bit more natural. If you are thinking of starting a sensory tub, Counting Coconuts is a great place to stop by for inspiration. Her April tub is pretty darn awesome.

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