A Safer Bath: Boon Flo Review

A while back (okay months ago), when the twins were becoming more active at bath time, I started shopping for a faucet cover. It seemed like I was constantly trying to keep them from bumping their little noggins on the spout.

The only ones that I could find around here were either shaped like cartoon characters or rubber duckies. neither of which are quite my style. I started browsing online, and I found the Boon Flo. Eureka, finally something I won’t feel like I need to remove before house guests come! Boon Inc. was generous enough to send me the Flo to review.

I love almost everything about the product. It comes in three colors: pink, blue and green. The blue is perfect for us, since it goes well with our shower curtain and towels. It fits easily onto the faucet by simply squeezing it, and is remains snugly in place. When it is in place it still allows access to the shower diverter. The Flo is soft and helps to protect against head injury. I can just sit back and watch my boys splash, no longer worrying about them smacking their heads on the faucet.

When you turn on the water, it shoots out away from the faucet like a mini waterfall. It is much gentler than the faucet alone. My boys will sit in the tub while the water is running, as long as the Flo is attached. Another major selling point for me is that the Flo is phthalate, BPA, and PVC free!

The Flo also has a bubble bath dispenser. It is easy to fill and dispenses with the push of a button. The running water makes it bubble up into a very nice bubble bath. The only downfall to this, at least with our particular Flo, is that it drips in between baths leaving a sticky bubble mess behind. It really isn’t that big of a deal however, because as soon as you turn the water back on, it rinses right away. We’ve chosen to just not use that  part anymore, since we use natural bubble bath that is a little pricey and we don’t want to waste it.

Overall the Boon Flo gets an A+ from us, and is one thing that I’ll be giving parents-to-be, at future baby showers. You can purchase it at many online retailers, including Amazon.com.  

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