Christmas Goodies

I really love Christmas goodies. I’ve been baking all week with B and having a blast doing it. We’ve made peanut butter fudge, buttery spritz, Santa’s whiskers, and Oreo truffles. The Oreo truffles are by far my favorite! In case you haven’t heard of them yet, I found the recipe on Bakerella and they are so easy to make….and yummy beyond belief.

What are you baking this year? I’m always on the look out for new things to try…the easier the better!

One thought on “Christmas Goodies

  1. Those look delicious… this year we made christmas cookie-cakes! They're super easy… just make cupcakes, cut the tops off, put icing in the middle and smooth the two top together! I also had my 6 year old ice the bottom halves to make mini cup cakes!!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog


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