Teething? Inspired by Finn Review and Giveaway {ended}

I hate teething! My babies sure are not a fan of it either. I thought it was tough when we went through it with B, but that was nothing compared to teething twins. We’ve had two very fussy little guys around here lately and this mama is trying everything! That restless nights, followed by fussy days is getting old, and fast!
My favorite pain reliever for my teething babes is their amber necklaces. Hold up for one second. I know how this is going to go. I’m going to tell you about a magical necklace made of magical little amber stones with healing properties. Then you will stop reading and tell me that I’m a crazy crack head and probably never return to my little blog. Eh, off with you then, and that includes you too my darling husband. For those who stuck around and want to know how amber really really does work for us, here we go. Oh, and for those who are a bit o.c.d. like myself, amber isn’t a stone…it’s fossilized tree resin.
When I first heard about amber teething necklaces, I thought they were meant to be chewed on my the teething baby. In my mind, it was something that the mama wore and her little AP baby, always in a carrier could grab at it and chew on it to soothe those sore little gums. Nope. These necklaces are for baby to wear.
So, my next thought was, how is this safe? I ordered a relatively small one, so that it would not hang down for my little ones to grab at it or to get caught on anything. You can also chose to have a magnetic clasp if the thought of it being caught up on something worries you. I did not chose that option, because frankly the thought of losing the amber necklace worries me more. Besides, my kiddos are always supervised when wearing their amber and I take it off when they sleep. The genius part of the necklace is that it is knotted between each bead. If a amber tug of war breaks out between your little angels and it snaps, you are not going to have a bunch of beads spilling all over the floor for the little ones to pick up.
Now I’m not saying that Amber jewelry is the miracle cure, but it seems to help. When my boys wear their necklaces, they are less fussy and happier all day. You can read more about why Amber works on Inspired by Finn’s website. I started using these with B quite a while ago, and now all of the boys have one. When my wisdom teeth started to poke through and bother me this spring, I ordered myself an adult sized one. I wear it all the time and I do notice that I reach for the tylenol bottle far less often on days when I am wearing it.
To purchase your own Inspired by Finn baltic amber jewelry visit their shop here. To save 20% go over and like them on Facebook and use code FB20. To save even more 25%, go over to facebook, click like and suggest their page to your friends. Of course you should try to win one as well! Inspired by Finn is giving one lucky reader their choice of in stock amber jewelry 16″ or smaller.
Here’s How to Enter:
Visit Inspired by Finn and comment here, telling me one benefit of Baltic amber.
(This comment is mandatory, and if not included all other entries will be void.)
{Ended} The lucky winner is #2 Josephine! I’m sorry about the delay in drawing a winner. Congrats Josephine!
Extra Entries:
leave one comment for each entry
Open to US residents only. Ends on 11/20/10. Winner will be determined by random.org. Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. As always this is an honest review full of my own opinions. I was not compensated for this review other than being sent a necklace to review.

65 thoughts on “Teething? Inspired by Finn Review and Giveaway {ended}

  1. It helps To help break a cycle of (chronic) inflammation. I bought one for my 7 month old and i can hardly tell when he was was teething. I also got one given to me for my 3 ye old to see if it would help with car sickness. While he does still get sick sometimes, it has helped some.


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