Sew-Along Day 5 and 6

Holy Moly! This week has gotten away from me. I didn’t get to post day 5 yesterday, so here it is today. For the day 6 sew along, visit my buddy at Pocketful of Roses.

Day 5 is attatching the hood to the jacket. Start by basting the hood to the outer material, right sides together.

Then, lay the lining material on top of this , right side down. The hood will be between the outer and inner layers.
Next, sew the bottom edges of the jacket lining and outer fabric together, being careful not to catch the sleeves of hood in your stitches. Turn it right side out, pulling through the side. Adjust the fabric so that the arm lining fits nicely inside the outer arm piece and stitch topstitch along the edges.
My last little tip for the evening is to press just as often as the instructions say. I used to skip these steps, but it really makes for a more polished finished garment.
Goodnight, my littlest boys are turning one in just a couple of days and I have a party to prepare for. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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