Tot School Tuesday: Button Activities

I’m starting something new here and adding Tot School Tuesday to my regular blogging schedule. I’ll be linking up to the tot school blog roll with 1+1+1=1. Check out some of the other blogs for other fun tot school activities.

For our family, tot school is a time that I spend daily working on an activity one-on-one with B Bear. It isn’t structured, it is more about learning through play.

Lately we’ve been having a lot of fun playing with buttons. B loves handling tiny things and this is a great supervised activity for him. Since buttons are a choking hazard, we only do this when the twins are napping, and we have a rule that the buttons have to stay on the blanket to prevent stray ones from turning up in the babies’ mouths later.

 There are so many different ways to play with buttons. I normally give B a little bit of “free play” with them before we start sorting. He really enjoys picking through them and finding his favorites. There are a couple of shiny buttons that really peak his interest.

After he has had a little time to play with them, I will direct him on small tasks, like “do you see any blue buttons? Where?” or “Find me the biggest button you can see.” We also sort the buttons by their various properties. We sort by color, size, and number of holes. Before we stop to pick up the buttons, we make a “button train” and count the buttons as we add them.


7 thoughts on “Tot School Tuesday: Button Activities

  1. What a great activity! My son just turned 19 months, so I wonder if it would be good for him. He still puts things in his mouth, though.

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