Green Toys Review

Awhile back, I was given the opportunity to review a little red dump truck for Green Toys. We received an awesome little red and yellow dump truck to review and my boys have really put this to the test, and it has come through with an A+.
We use our dump truck as an indoor and outdoor toy. From carting blocks around the house to dumping sand in the sand box, this little baby gets the job done. One thing I love about it, is that it’s super sturdy. It will stand up to the “toddler test”. You know, getting rolled off the table, stepped in (dump truck roller skates…yeah, I was thrilled), jumped on, sat in, smashed against the wall. It’s been through it all and is no worse for the wear. Of course, I don’t suggest that you do any of those things.

Another thing that I personally love about this toy, is that it is simple. It is not overly painted, doesn’t have flashing blinking parts, and doesn’t make “monster truck” sounds or play obnoxious rhyming music. There is no need for any of that either! I don’t understand why it seems like every toy is competing to have the most bells and whistles. I love that this truck leaves something to the imagination. There is nothing wrong with a truck just being a truck.

Most importantly, I love that Green Toys makes their items using recycled milk jugs. You can read more about how Green Toys are made here, but in short they are made from one of the safest and cleanest plastics possible. Their packaging is also 100% recyclable cardboard boxes that are also recycled. The packaging doesn’t contain any of those obnoxious and not so eco-friendly cellophane, twist ties, or plastics. They are made in the USA and meet all of the CPSIA requirements, and drum roll please… not contain any traceable amounts of BPA or phthalates! That is a toy that I can get behind! Way to go Green Toys!

To learn more about the company and see their full selection of toys visit their website here. Take a peek at the recycling truck. It’s adorable.

This review is written by myself and is full of my own opinions. I was not compensated in any way other than receiving product to review.

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