Welcoming Fall

It’s officially fall. I welcome the change in season with open arms.

We started to change our nature table over to fall. These new additions from WoodMouse are a welcome change to the table. They are part of the Children of Nature series that WoodMouse is offering and they are darling! The only downfall is that I can’t keep them on the table because B loves playing with them. They’re reasonably priced and she has some other darling items that I have my eye on (this and this, oh and this one too to be exact).

B and I have been reading about and talking about apples this week and we did a fun apple printing activity together. It is so easy that it doesn’t need instructions, but I’ll give them anyway. Cut an apple in half. Give your child said apple, big blob of paint, and some paper. They’ll know what to do. Make sure they don’t try to eat the apple when they are done and it is covered in paint, like my child did. 😉 Excuse this first picture…we are silly people and like to cheese it up.

My favorite book this week was One Red Apple by Harriet Zieffert, which follows the life cycle of one apple from the seed to eating and back to the ground. The pictures are spectacular. Here are some of the other books that we have been reading and a few that we’ll be reading next week, when we start reading about pumpkins.
<a href=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&amp;MarketPlace=US&amp;ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fonupaba-20%2F8010%2F61b81595-2558-4e23-8b7a-2bc4f4bd354f&amp;Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.com Widgets</a>

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