A Sensory Tub for B

I need to come up with much more enticing and creative titles for my posts. “A Sensory Tub for B”…gosh how boring.

One day last week, during nap time, I threw together a sensory tub for B to enjoy. I got this idea from Counting Coconuts. Her tubs are much more impressive than mine, so make sure you check them out. I had planned on making a fall themed tub, and I had intended to go out and shop for some little fall related things to go in it, and I was just never able to make it out of the house. So, I just tossed in what I had.

The tub has lots of little things in it, so it is always used with supervision and not around the babies. Some of the things in his tub are multi colored noodles, lots of rice, red beans, pom poms, little plastic farm animals and turtles, and various buttons. I also threw in some measuring cups and other kitchen tools to play with. He really loves scooping the pom poms with a spoon into the measuring cups.

B has had a lot of fun with it, so my basic sensory tub works for now. I think next month I’ll change it up a bit and try to make it themed…or at least add some things to it.

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