Our Stash

Holy cow! Someone must be sneaking diapers into our stash, because there is no way that I have bought this many diapers. I really didn’t realize how many there were until I laid it all out to photograph. I’m now asking myself, why on earth didn’t you start sewing diapers earlier, before you bought a stash large enough to diaper quads?!

Ok, here we go…. I’m starting with the wool, because it’s my favorite part of the stash. First picture is all longies, second one is soakers and the third is shorties. If I counted right that is 30 pieces of wool.

On to the fitteds! The diapers in the top row are BuBuBeBe. The second row are GoodMama and one Fluffy Mail. The last row is all made by me. That’s 17 fitteds in all.

Now to the Pockets and AIOs! First up is a whole mess of Bum Genius. The top two rows are one size 3.0s, the bottom row is 6 organic AIOs, 4 med 3.0s and 1 small 3.0.

Followed with the rest of my AIOs and pockets. Top row One VB AIO made by me, rumparoo, 3 TKCuddlers (s-hook closure). The next row is 2 Ella Bella Bum pockets, and one chunky monkey AIO. The bottom diaper is a VB o/s pocket, made by me.

And now the more boring stuff. Two dozen blue edges prefolds, one dozen yellow edged, one dozen red edged. The second photo also shows two daddy flats, 6 birdseye flats, a big stack of wipes, and another stack of inserts. The last photo is 10 covers, mostly bummis.

Whew! That’s a lot of diapers: 30 pieces of wool, 17 fitteds, 37 pockets/aios, 48 prefolds, 8 flats, and 10 covers. That’s a total of 110 diapers and 40 covers. And that doesn’t even include the for sale or trade pile! (which I’m now convinced that I should add to.) The diapers they’ve outgrown aren’t shown either!

7 thoughts on “Our Stash

  1. Holy moly! That IS a lot of diapers. But hey, at least you know you'll never run out!
    I recently discovered diaperswappers and… there is a very strong addiction in the works here. lol! October is my first real “buying” month. Up until now, I've been researching researching researching. Well, I'm FINALLY ready to make some purchases and start my stash!


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