Toadstools for B

I’ve been off the computer for a few days, dedicating my time to observing the “flow” of our family and finding our daily rhythm. It has been absolutely amazing and I’ve learned a great deal about our family in just a few days. It is amazing what we miss when we are so absorbed in the hustle and bustle of daily life. I have A LOT to say about our daily rhythm, but that is for another post. This post is about toadstools, so on to that….

My toddler is smart. Not that your child isn’t, or anything…I’m just saying mine is. He surprises me daily, as little things that I’ve said or done, show up from him in his own little way. Whether it’s singing the ABC’s in near entirety, telling me that the baby gate is made up of kite shapes, or saying things like this big old phrase (about his toy turtle), “Him’s Honu. Him’s my green turtle. Him live in Ocean. I’ll rock him. Him’s my favorite.” That’s a lot for a two year old to spit out! Holey Moley B, when did you cease being a baby and turn into such a big boy!?!

Since he is doing so well with colors and shapes, I made him a little set of color sorting toadstools, somewhat following the tutorial from Beneath The Rowan Tree. They are made from wooden drawer pulls that I bought at the hardware store and painted with non toxic paint. I have yet to seal them, since finding a non-toxic sealer around these parts, is proving tricky.

How darling are they!? I love it…and so does B. I set them out and intentionally mixed them all up. I expected him to play with them, perhaps trying to stack them something. I really did not expect him to immediately separate them by color. It only lasted a moment, but he really did that! Then he moved on to something much more fun….a toadstool choochoo.

This was such an easy and fun activity. I have a feeling that there will be many more posts like this. As we get into our rhythm, I’ll be introducing Tot-School activities geared for my little 2 year old. It isn’t going to be anything terribly structured, mostly just little games and a lot of play. I’m very inspired by Waldorf education, which is so simple and nature based. I also love some elements of Montessori learning, such as teaching practical life skills. Stay tuned for more fun.

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