Beautiful Finds on Etsy

I’m sure that if you are the type that is reading my blog, you have already discovered etsy. As summer approaches and we are finally enjoying some nice spring weather, I’ve been browsing etsy more often looking for pretty little summer things. I have so many items on my list of favorites right now, but I wanted to share a few of the pretty little things that I have marked. Click the photo to view the etsy listing. (by the way, none of these are from my shop, or the shops of anyone I know or am affiliated with)

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Finds on Etsy

  1. I know! It's driving me bonkers! I've re-linked them with the right ones twice now and I don't know why it isn't working!!! It's not hard to do and I've linked photos before. I think it's a blogspot glitch.


  2. I fixed it!!!! When I put up the post it was with Internet Explorer, and I kept trying to fix the links with IE. I just logged in with firefox, fixed them all and now they work. Weird.


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