The Line-Up

Saturday 5/8: The Expectant Mommy
(with review and giveaway of Smart Mama’s Green Guide by Jennifer Taggart)

Sunday 5/9: The New Mommy
(with a review of Swaddle Love by Regan Moya Jones from Aden + Anais)

Monday 5/10: My Mommies

Tuesday 5/11: Doula Love Me?
How having a doula effected the birth of our twins and my overall pregnancy. A brief introduction to what doulas do, and the importance of doulas.

Wednesday 5/12: Photos of Motherhood (Wordless Wednesday)

Thursday 5/13: The Twin Mommy
(with a review and giveaway of the Miracle Blanket)

Friday 5/14: The Nursing Mommy
(with a review of Nesting Pillows from The Blessed Nest)

Saturday 5/15: The Toddler Mommy
(with reviews of some Eco-Friendly and safer sippy cups from Klean Kanteen, The Safe Sippy, Earthlust Birds and Bees collection, and Sigg)

Sunday 5/16: Myself as Mommy

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