Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!! Did you know that it’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day? If you would like some more information about Earth Day check out earthday.org.

We had a special day today and tried to spend as much time outside as possible. I started the morning off by putting each of my little boys in a green cloth diaper, because I’m a dork like that. After breakfast I loaded everyone up, which in itself takes a half hour or so, and took the kids to a local park with the intention of cleaning trash off the playground and then letting B-bear play. Well, I am so pleased that it was a very clean playground, so we just went on to playing. B-bear had a blast.

The most fabulous part was that the only other people that showed up while we were there was another twin mama! Just like me, she had a toddler and then twins about two years apart. And she breastfed the twins exclusively for 14 months! It was so nice to talk to someone who actually does completely know what it’s like. However, stupid me left in a flurry of forgetting the diaper bag at home and having poopy babies. I didn’t get her number, or name for that matter. Sigh.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful until Mr. Once Upon a Baby came home and we did a little bit of gardening with B….which is oddly similar to the gardening that The Wife did with her little man. I swear great minds think alike. Here are a few shots of our gardening fun…

First off L and I get everything out and start wetting the pellets, which become a dirt soup. B looks at said dirt soup and tries to figure it out.

Where’s that other one you ask? A is hanging around too, he’s just super happy in his exersaucer. Once B realized that he was allowed to play with this dirt, he was all over it! So was Oscar.

Daddy came out to help us with the messy part so I could take care of the babies. B helped put the seeds in, well sort of helped. I think he really wanted to totally fill the pot with bean seeds.

And on a similar note, I started my garden in doors weeks ago and here’s some shots of my starts (below). My tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant have been hardening off outside for a few days, but my slow to progress herbs are taking their sweet time under a grow light in my kitchen….lovely, no? I’m beginning to wonder why I even planted some the sage and oregano…since I have plenty still growing in my herb garden from last year. Hmm….perhaps some mothers day herb window boxes are in store.

To top off the day, I finally bought myself a used copy of Smart Mamas Green Guide, which I reference all the time. B got a cute little book as well about gardening, and it’s made from %98 recycled materials. By the way, I wasn’t paid in any fashion for mentioning these books, nor have I had any contact with them in any way. I just really like these books.

How was your Earth Day? Did you do anything to celebrate?

4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!!!

  1. Nothing special, we didn't even make it outside b/c of crummy weather. I see you're enjoying the sling though! And I wanted to add that I barely feel like I have the energy to go to the park with one infant, much less two! Maybe you'll meet that mom again.


  2. Oh yeah, I was going to let you know that I got the sling and pine cones today. I haven't had much FB or bump time today…'tis a busy life-this one. ;)Thanks again for sending those.


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