The Impact of Plastic Bags and a Giveaway sponsored by Bagnesia

Giveaway Has ended and the winner is #3, Robyn. Congrats!

Happy Earth Week! Today is my day to host the “Celebrate Earth Day All Week Blogging Event” and I am going to focus on plastic waste. Before I get started, make sure you check out the other blogs participating Moms Wear Your Tees, Tales of the Wife, Retro Housewife Goes Green, The Crunchy Wife, and The Eco Friendly Family. I will warn you right now that this post contains some disturbing information and images.

There are so many reasons why we shouldn’t use plastic bags, but I am going to focus today on the one reason that I find most disturbing. Did you know that the worlds largest landfill is floating in the Pacific Ocean?

Oh yeah, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. The world’s largest landfill can be found floating between Hawaii and San Fransisco. It is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and sea currents and wind carry waste from all over the world to this spot. Although scientists cannot agree on the exact size and depth of the patch, it is estimated to be twice the size of Texas and over 100 feet deep. Plastic makes up 90% of the patch. A study done by the UN Environmental Program in 2006 estimated that every square mile of ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. They also conducted plankton studies and found that in many areas the amount of plastic in the water outnumbered the plankton by 6 to 1.

We are destroying our beautiful oceans and harming marine life. 76% of dead sea turtles found in the Western Mediterranean were found to have ingested plastic debris. Sea bird skeletons on the Hawaiian islands are found with guts filled with plastic. Below are three horrifying photos of the damage we are doing. I hate to post these, but it just might be what someone needs to see to spark a need for change. As you see in the first photo a sea turtle is snacking on a piece of plastic, which is not uncommon. The second picture is an unaltered sea bird skeleton filled with ingested plastic pieces. The third picture shows a sea turtle, permanently deformed by plastic.

Did you know that the average American uses between 300 and 500 plastic bags per year? And to think, that could all be replaced by what, maybe 5 or 6 reusable bags. I urge you to make the switch to reusable bags. This is the earth that we leave our children and it is in our power to make a difference. It may not seem that your little changes will make an impact. When more and more people recognize the problem and make these little changes it will add up.

And Now For the Fun Part!

The fabulous folks over at Bagnesia are giving one lucky reader a chance to win a Reusable Bag Reminder Kit. If you are starting to use reusable bags (please do) and keep forgetting them at home or in the car, their starter kit it the answer! I don’t know about you, but I seem to always have that problem. I was sent a kit to review and I ordered some of their reusable produce bags.

First off, I love how the kit contains both a door hanger to remind you, as well as a neoprene steering wheel reminder. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten in the car and looked at the steering wheel, which reminded me to run inside and grab my bags. The bag is easy to toss in your purse and when folded up is smaller than my cell phone, yet holds 3 plastic sacks worth of groceries. This kit would make the perfect gift, or be the perfect place to start with using reusable bags.

The reusable produce bags are fabulous as well. I have been stopped in the produce section a few times now and asked about them. I love that because it gives me the opportunity to share them with someone else and influence them to make one little step to help with the plastic problem. They are very roomy and I haven’t had anything yet that doesn’t fit in them. They are made of mesh and are practically weightless, so it is not adding to your produce total one little bit. I’ve also received compliments on them from cashiers.

So Here is Your Chance to Win a Reusable Bag Reminder Kit from Bagnesia.

It includes one compact reusable bag with a clip, one door hanger, one steering wheel wrap and one small reusable pouch to store it all in.

Here’s how to enter:
Comment here telling me one reason that using reusable bags is important to you. (This is a great resource) This comment is mandatory and if not included all other entries will be void. Be sure to leave a contact email address if it’s not in your profile.

Extra Entries:

Open to US residents only. Ends at midnight pacific time on 4/24/10. Winner will be determined by Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. As always this is an honest review full of my own opinions. I was not compensated in any way other than receiving a kit to review.

29 thoughts on “The Impact of Plastic Bags and a Giveaway sponsored by Bagnesia

  1. Reusable bags first became important to me because of the destruction they were causing marine life. As an avid diver I have seen the effects of marine life tangled in plastic bags, horrible. I enjoy using them because they are fun prints and they hold a lot more than plastic which equals less trips to and from the car.


  2. First off, I wanted to say great post!

    I first started using reusable bags when I first saw them in the grocery store. I have always recycled, but until then, I never really thought about all the plastic I was using. I started reading facts about how much plastic is not being recycled and it astonished me. Now, I remember my bags most of the time, but my husband doesn't.


  3. Using reusable bags is important to protect our wildlife. It is truly unfortunate how something so easy to do is so often overlooked. We leave near an area of wetlands and constantly see plastic bags out in the water that have blown out from people's yards, garages, etc.

    robynlynn83 at gmail dot com


  4. Reusable bags are important to me for several reasons. First, they are so much better for the environment. In a normal grocery shopping trip, I would use about 10 flimsy plastic bags. Now I need 2 or 3 reusables. Second, they are much bigger and stronger! This is especially handy for toting a toddler, diaper bag, AND groceries! Third, they're cute!
    bethmc84 at hotmail dot come


  5. I have reusable bags that are more than 10 yrs old! I took them to college with me back in 1994. I love that reusable bags can be used for anything- not just groceries, but all kinds of shopping as well as just schlepping stuff around. I also think that using a reusable bag is a public statement, that you make about how you choose to allocate our Earth's resources.
    czajano at hotmail dot com


  6. Using reusable bags are important to me because I recently watch the “Addicted to Plastic” documentary….and then I started see all of the plastic bags along the side of the road and it's just disgusting. I've been using them as much as I remember for a long time at the grocery store, but now I've started declining bags or bringing my own on other shopping trips as well.


  7. OMGoodness I SO need that bag reminder!! I think we bought our bags a year ago, 5 or 6 and we've used them all of three times probably because I forget them. Even today grocery shopping, we started walking in, then we turned back to check the trunk for them, and they're somewhere around the house! Doh! 🙂


  8. I started using reusable bags last year because I wanted to cut down on the plastic I brought home – and that recycling for those bags has only been available in our area recently. In fact, I cannot even get recycling pick up at my house so we collect and haul it for now. This post was difficult to read. I had no idea about the floating trash pile. Such a disaster. All the trash (everywhere) adds up and becomes an unimaginable and greatly disturbing amount 😦


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