Get Your Thinking Caps On!

As most of you know, I participate in the Eco Nest Congo on Hyena Cart. I’m so excited to start offering wool interlock covers in both 95/5 blend and 100% merino wool. I opened up tester slots last month and all of those will be shipping tomorrow and I can’t wait to get some feedback. Once the feedback is in and any kinks are worked out they will be available in a limited number of custom slots at every stocking.

I spent a couple of hours today playing with colors and these will be the colors in my line. I thought it would be fun to start a contest to name the colors. It will be held on the Team EcoNest blog (I’ll post it soon) and will run through 4/16. Here’s how it works: Submit your names for the can submit for each color or just one color. Be creative! I will pick my favorite for each color and the people who submitted those names will be entered into a drawing. Three winners will be drawn at random .

Here are the prizes: one will win a custom Once Upon a Baby interlock cover, one will win a 6 pack of Once Upon a Baby cotton/velour wipes, and one will win their choice of either med diaper wetbag or kitchen wetbag.

Enter At Team EcoNest , it will hopefully be posted this evening!

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