Special Extra Entry Opportunity!

Do you want an extra entry to any current giveaway on my blog??? Have you checked out Super(Natural)Momma yet?

Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Head on over to Super(Natural) Momma and become a public follower.
  2. Comment here and tell me that you are following her.
  3. Add and an extra comment to any one current giveaway that says “SNM follower, extra entry”
  • if you already follow SNM, comment here that you already follow and you can feel free to take an extra entry to any one giveaway on my blog.
  • And, it gets better, New followers of SNM have a chance to win a new Flip and Tumble Bag on her blog!!!

8 thoughts on “Special Extra Entry Opportunity!

  1. Hi Jennifer! I found you through Tales of the Wife. We've been moving more and more green in the past few years. My husband declared 2010 the year of the organic. There was a lot of stuff we bought organic before, but now we're extending even that. It's hard with little ones, but totally worth it. Thanks!



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