The Plastic Free Kitchen Challenge

I’m challenging myself to make my kitchen plastic free in 30 days, and you know what- I dare you to play along. Here are a few of the things we are changing:

  • Switch out all childrens plates, bowls, sippy cups, and utensils with non-plastic alternatives.
  • Stop using plastic baggies. We’ll discuss alternatives.
  • Ditch plastic grocery bags.
  • Change out plastic food storage containers for non-plastic alternatives.
  • Ditch the disposable silverware, straws, plastic and paper plates, etc.
  • And there’s more to come!

Let’s make tomorrow (2/23/10) day 1 of the challenge. Woo Hoo!!! This will be fun. Too kick it off I’ll post 2 fabulous reviews/giveaways tomorrow!! (both of which pair well with the theme)

*a note to my parents: go ahead and roll your eyes, I know, I know I’m turning into a nutty, crunchy, granola mama, weirdo right? Yeah, you’re probably right. 🙂

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