A letter to my sons

Dear Precious Children,

You were brought into this world innocent and pure. As your mother who loves you and values you more than anything in the world, it is my job to protect you and do what is best for you. For this reason I vow to make a series of massive lifestyle changes. I will be selective and well educated as to what your perfect little bodies are exposed to.

I will buy foods that are free of pesticides and will avoid GMOs. You will have a nutrient rich diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I will buy organic and will buy local whenever possible. We will eat grass fed meat from a local farmer who treats their animals and employees well. We will garden in the spring and summer growing a variety of foods. I promise to read every label and know what is in our food.

I will rid our home of toxic household products. I will not expose you to dangerous cleaners. I will work to replace these things with products or homemade solutions that are safe for you and for the environment. I will be diligent in choosing the safest chemical free products available in all areas of our life. This includes the toys you play with, the sheets on your bed, the clothing you wear, the dishes you eat off, the shampoo that I wash your soft hair with, and many many more things.

These things will not always be easy. They will not always be popular or normal. I am doing these things because I love you. I want only the best for you. I hope that I can teach you the value of these things and instill in you confidence in these choices.

Today February 7th of 2010, I promise you all of these things.

With Love,
Your Mother

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