Portrait Adorableness

Those who live in the Tri-Cities, you have to check out this photographer!!! Last weekend we had some portraits of the boys taken and I am soooo deeply impressed with the results! Let me tell you, It is not easy to get cooperation from all three little misters at the same time, but Meghan managed to get some really good ones.

It all started with a google search. I went through pages and pages of photographers sites, checking them all out. I was absolutely shocked at what many photographers are charging, some over a thousand dollars for some simple family photos. I was about to give up on the idea all together and deal with the crappy ones I attempt to take myself or wait a few months and take them to some overcrowded and always running behind department store photography studio.

Then I came upon this site: Meghan Rickard Photography. I was in awe of her newborn photography. Her photos are fabulous, the sitting fee is a reasonable $100 for up to 5 people and the prices for print packages can’t be beat…probably not even by the department store photographers. And, she comes to your house for no extra charge! I told my husband that I had found our gal!

Let me also say that it is amazing to work with someone who cares so much for what they do and who truly has the clients interests in mind. Thank-you again Meghan for the fabulous photos. I can’t wait to get our prints and I will be in touch for all future photo shoots. Please never move away.

You can contact Meghan at either www.meghanrickardphotography.com, her facebook page , or her blog.

2 thoughts on “Portrait Adorableness

  1. Melanie says:

    I love the pictures and the knit pants that your twins are wearing! Did you make them or buy them? I would love some for my third baby due August 24.


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