Eco-Friendly Housekeeping Tip #1: Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. Little did I know until about a year ago that dryer sheets contain many toxic chemicals, including many known carcinogens. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want nasty dryer sheets chemicals on my clothes and next to my skin…or even worse, on my babies diapers. It turns out that the fumes of heated dryer sheets are also toxic. Even if they weren’t toxic, dryer sheets account for an unnecessary amount of waste. How many do you throw away? As a mom of 3 under 2, I would be going through these babies like crazy….the laundry is never ending.
Thank goodness that the lovely women of’s eco-friendly family board set me straight on dryer sheets. I’m glad to report that I’ve made the switch to dryer balls! The balls I use are made from merino wool yarn. All you do is pop them in the dryer with your wet clothes and they work like a charm at reducing static. Just make sure to keep them away from doggies. My lovely lab thinks they are just fabulous and has destroyed one too many of mine.
The dryer balls pictured above were made by a lovely friend of mine and can be purchased on the Hyenacart Eco-Nest Congo under Fuzzy Wuzzy Dryer Balls. Best of all, they are only $12. Think of how much you could save on dryer sheets in a year! Here’s a link:
Now Hurry up and buy them before I do. I swear, If they are still there tomorrow, they are mine!

3 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Housekeeping Tip #1: Dryer Balls

  1. Great post! We bought ours from a mom at and still have the same 6 in our dryer for the past year and a half! Hers really last and saved up money cutting dryer time and no softeners at all! The raveled ones do tend to fall apert in the dryer after a few months, but where I got them they are made differently and really last.


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