Reusable Sandwich Baggie Tutorial

These super easy and cute reusable sandwich sacs are sure to save you money and keep more trash out of the landfills.

cotton print

1) Cut 2 8×8 inch squares of your outside material (I prefer cotton prints), and 2 8×8 squares of a coordinating pul. Pul is a waterproof material that is often used in diaper making. I buy mine here: To cut them uniformly I use a quilters cutting mat and a rotary cutter.

2) Pair one outside piece and one inside piece with wrong sides together. For pul the wrong side is the side that is not shiny. Serge together along top edge only. Repeat with the other fabric.

3) Sew a piece of the hook side of the velcro (strip app. 7 inches long) along the top edge of one of your serged together sides. Sew a piece of the loop side of velcro (same length as the first) along the top edge of the other serged side of your sack.

4) Put the pieces together so that the velcro matches up and serge along the three raw edges. (you should be serging through 4 layers of fabric: two of the cotton print and two of the pul)

5)Enjoy your baggie!

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